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October 2019 Portfolio returns.

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I don’t know about you guys, but October was busy for me, to the point where I hadn’t had a lot of time to track my investments. And I hadn’t had enough time to think about future actions with the portfolio but I was learning a bit more about index fund vs stock-picking discussion for my future entry into the stock market. Anyways, it’s good that the month finally ended and I have my opportunity to look over the results.

So far it looks like, overall interest rates got a bit low on all platforms. I haven’t looked into it more but heard some thoughts that this is just a seasonal thing and by the end of the year, borrowing and interest rates should go up. We shall see for what the future holds, but as of right now, this is the result table for October:

PlatformSize at the begging of the month Monthly change Monthly gains Average interest rate Funds added during this month
Grupeer240.65€ 1.91€0.79%12.31%
Nordstreet*200€1.72€ 0.86%10.5%35€
Total at the end of the month**4735.92€41.47€0.89%35€

*Nordstreet platform does not hold my deposits directly, but uses Paysera platform as a money holder and directly moves money trough that accounts when I invest or gain interests. When calculating monthly change I will give monthly gains percentage rather than whole portfolio size change.

**This is the total amount invested after this month with interest gained and deposits accounted in.

Portfolio distribution between different p2p platforms. October 2019
Portfolio distribution between different p2p platforms. October 2019

Finbee portfolio results:

Finbee continues to disappoint due to growing late payments, but this is mostly due to a few bad loans. After I noticed that finbee is underperforming, I stopped auto investing and now I am just manually picking stocks. It will need a bit more time to evaluate if this strategy is performing better.

To better understand how my current gains look each month here is a graph with the growth rate for my portfolio each month.

Finbee portfolio returns for each month.
Finbee portfolio returns for each month.

Of course this not the end of the world, so far Finbee seems to still be growing, but it might now be performing as other platforms that have buyback guarantee. And also one big difference is that the average interest rate bigger on Finbee, but the rate of returns is not when compared to other platforms.

With the average interest rate of 14.84% my growth each month should be around 1.23%, but looking at the graph, we can clearly see that at best I only reached that mark 3 times in 10 months.

Interested in Finbee? I did a review a few months ago. Click here to read it.

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One more thing to note about Finbee

Is that the issue with their drama seems to not be resolved. I wrote about it in my last portfolio report, but at that moment it was still quite fresh and I hadn’t had enough details. So here is what I know now:

Finbee when providing personal loans calculates borrowers fee’s into the interest rate, which then makes the actual interest rate unclear for the investor. This does not affect business loans. So far there is no statement about this issue from governing body of the Bank of Lithuania.

A group of Lithuanian p2p investors signed a complaint to the central bank about this issue and now we are waiting for results. Last time I mentioned that Finbee CEO said that they will fix their issues and provide missing returns to the investors, but since then, they backtracked on this statement.

This not a great way to communicate with the investors, so there are some good news. The current CEO steps down. Of course, he does not step down completely as he still owns part of the company, but as he wrote himself, he will be focusing more on the bigger picture rather than day to day management. And the new CEO is Darius Noreika. Although they share the same last name, I could not find any information if they are related or not. We shall see what this change will bring to the platform.

Mintos portfolio results:

Mintos is still suffering from the low-interest rate on most loans but the rate seems to be going up. To account for that I slightly increased my auto investing lower-end interest rate limit, in hopes that I will manage to capture the higher interest rate. As I mentioned earlier, some opinions say that this is only a temporary setback and interest rates should grow by the end of the year. Given that I don’t have historical data, I can’t confirm or deny this theory, but I do still question how Invest & Access will affect interest rates long term.

But overall I am quite happy with my results on Mintos, but will not invest more into this platform as it already holds half of my portfolio.

If you would like to join Mintos you can do this by using this link.

Still having doubts about Mintos? Check my review!

Robocash portfolio results:

My portfolio experienced quite a big cash drag as far as I noticed and I assume this is the reason it performed under the target goal. So far I don’t really want to decrease the lower-end of my auto-invest interest rate. But if this continues to happen, I might have to calculate which course is better.

Overall I am quite happy with my results so far, but I am not planning to expand this position till the end of the year.

Want to invest in Robocash? Register by clicking here. Or click here if you want to check my review

Grupeer portfolio results:

Being two months into this platform, I must say I am quite disappointed in what data it provides to users. I used to say that Robocash provides the least information to the user, but now I think Grupeer is even worse in that regard. Robocash at least has its reasons for it due to their business model but in Grupeer’s case, I can’t think of a reason, other than development issues.

Let’s just wait and see how this platform changes over time. I do want to expand this position to at least 500 euros, but I will either do this next year or in December

Nordstreet portfolio results:

Something new happened in my Nordstreet portfolio during October. One loan got partly repaid, but to avoid cash drag, I deposited a bit more money and funded a new loan.

I would consider this loan as a risky loan as it is more business loan rather than real estate loan in my opinion. It is a real estate loan, but given the region the real estate is and the price, if the business under the loan fails, I assume my loan will default and LTV will drop more that is said right now.

My newly funded loan on Nordstreet, a manufacturing development building.

And I would like to take a moment and talk about the benefits of peer to peer to business. This kind of loan wouldn’t ever be funded by traditional financial services like banks, simply because as banks said themselves, they are not looking into regions, as they do consider it too risky. But here comes alternative investing with an opportunity to expand the business. And yes this is riskier than investing in a major city real estate. But I looked into the company, looked into the project and into its risks. I am willing to take this risk for chance to grow my portfolio and the company will have a chance to expand. An opportunity for both that could not have happened without peer to peer lending.

Estate Guru portfolio results:

The only special thing about Estate guru is that my new loan finally started paying me so income will be as it was before. So now Estate guru income should be as expected. Other than that, this should be a pretty stable portfolio part.

My Estate guru portfolio distribution.

Join Estateguru by clicking here!

As for the future:

I am still not planning any major investments this month, but I would like to expand my real estate portfolio part. Maybe I will transfer 100-200€ to either Estateguru or Nordstreet. Maybe it will be Estate guru, as I would like to have at least 500€ in it at some point, just to be able to invest in a new loan from my gained interests. This would allow me to fund a new loan at least once a year (if everything goes right)

Anyways this is it for this month, good luck with your investments!

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  1. HonestFIRE

    “And the new CEO is em… His brother… We shall see if this change brings anything good.

    Although I will note that his brother was there from the start and they both created this company.”

    Are you sure about this fact? 🙂

    • Eimantas

      About which fact? That the CEO changes or that they are brothers? Information about the CEO changes were emailed to the investors, so I am sure about that. The fact that they are brothers, I am sure I saw this information somewhere, but after your comment I tried to look into it again, but could not find the information. I will edit the post to clarify this part.

      • HonestFIRE

        About the brother fact. 🙂 It is more of a running joke that they are bros 🙂

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