This page will be dedicated to showing results of my investment portfolio, it’s growth, decline (hopefully not) and overall balance. My plan is to update it once a month and post results on the first day of the new month. Of course, some irregularities will happen due to how life works 🙂

So far my investment portfolio focuses on peer to peer lending platforms. I explained my reasons for such portfolio choices in this blog post. At some point, I am planning to dive into the stock market. But before that, I need to save up some initial capital.

The graph above displays invested sum vs total portfolio size.

The graph above will be updated in 3-month intervals + last month results. Graphs like these allow to easily understand compounding effects. And I would like to encourage more bloggers to show this type of graph on their websites.

If you would like to read more about the platforms I invest in, check the main menu for platform reviews or read more in my monthly reports.

Follow my monthly portfolio reports:

Every month I will show my monthly change in all platforms, that I tried and give my own personal feedback about that month’s growth.

2019 November report

2019 October report

2019 September report

2019 August report

2019 July report

2019 June report

2019 May report

2019 April report

2019 March report

2019 February report (The month I started blogging)

2018 portfolio review

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