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Mintos.com is a Latvian based peer to peer loan funding platform with loan originators from all over the world. Mintos company itself does not provide loans directly, instead, it allows other companies to offer loans on their platform. So let’s dig deeper and review what mintos.com has to offer.

Main facts about Mintos.com


  • Launched in 2015.
  • Secured 7 million Euros funding to facilitate growth (5 million coming from Grumpy investments).
  • CEO: Martins Sulte
  • Co-founders: Martins Sulte (CEO), Martins Valters (CFO).
  • Company size: ~120 employees according to LinkedIn.
  • Headquarters: Riga, Latvia.


  • Loans funded: € 2 827 323 727 (updated 2019-07-21).
  • Auto invest feature: yes
  • Secondary market: yes
  • Smallest possible amount to loan: 10€
  • Buyback guarantee: Yes, but not for every loan. Buyback guarantee triggers after 60 days of the loan being late.
  • Types of loans: personal, business, short term, car loans. The list keeps expanding as new loan originators add new types of loans.

Mintos.com leadership review:

Link to CEO LinkedIn here. Martin Sulte has over 10 years of experience working in the financial sector. With companies such as Ernest and Young, SEB bank investment team.

Martin has a masters degree in business administration from ISEAD and a bachelors degree in business and economics from Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

Mintos.com platform CEO and co founder Martins Sulte.
Mintos.com CEO Martins Sulte

Their business plan:

Mintos.com business idea is to be a mediator between investors and loan originators. They do not offer loans themselves, rather allow other companies to offer their loans for investors. This allowed them to scale from the start, because they did not need to process each borrower individually, but allowed loan originators to take care of this part of the lending business. In turn, this allowed Mintos team to focus on attracting new investors and to develop their platform. In my opinion, this allowed them to set sail for success as an international peer to peer platform. And of right now, Mintos is one of the most know p2p lending platforms in Europe.

As for their current plans, they set to tackle one of the biggest peer to peer lending issues – flexibility. With their recent launch of Invest & Access product, investors will be able to access their money instantly. Well… As soon as your loans are bought on the secondary market. Which might take some time. And as of right now, all loans that are late will have to wait until buyback guarantee triggers, but they did promise to present a solution for that.

Invest and access is a new product offered by Mintos team. It allows users to invest and cash out at any moment.
Mintos Invest and Access program

Mintos.com loan types:

At the moment of writing this review, Mintos.com offered: agricultural, business, car, mortgage, pawnbroking, personal, short term loans and invoice financing. There isn’t much difference between different types of loans, but I personally avoid short term loans, as with minimal investing, occasionally, it rounds up to 0 interests. Simply because interests round up bellow 0,01€. And because of that, there is no point for me to risk with them. Even with buy-back guarantee, my money might get locked for 60 days for 0% interest rate, short term loans.

The biggest difference between loans is currency and a buyback guarantee. Mintos.com offers loans in various currencies, depending on what loan originators can offer. From Euros and USD to Russian Rubles and Mexican Pesos. Investing in currencies other than Euro might lead to better results, but the majority of loans are in Euro.

And as I said before, not all loans offer buyback guarantee. But so far I don’t really see the point of no buyback guarantee loans. You just take more risk with slightly bigger rewards. As if 12% yearly interest rate is not enough 🙂

Loan originators:

The best part about Mintos is its diverse loan originator list from all over the world and no Mintos.com review should go without talking about them. As of writing this review, there are 64 loan originators from 30 different countries. From Mexico to Philipines, there are multiple loan originators across the world, allowing you to diversify between different regions.

Mintos team regularly reviews loan originators and updates their ranking as they see fit according to their own criteria. Also, one important thing to note is the difference in loan originator size. Mogo, for example, has more than a hundred million in loans on Mintos, but every other loan originator has offered significantly fewer loans.

Things I like about Mintos.com:

  • High diversity between different world markets and loan originators.
  • Good interest rate.
  • A lot of loans with buy-back guarantee and a lot of loans in general.
  • Different types of loans.
  • Mintos regularly updates information about loan originators and their rank.
  • Minimal investment into one loan is only 10€.

Things that could be better:

  • I wish more information would be provided for each loan.
  • Auto-invest takes a while to invest even though there are enough loans to invest my criteria at the moment.

Refer a friend program status:

Mintos.com has Refer a friend (RaF) program, that allows users to invite their friends. If you are planning to invest in Mintos, this is a nice feature that might allow you to get a bit better returns. And you can invite your friends with both of you benefiting from it.

My personal portfolio:

As always I would recommend following my monthly income reports to check how Mintos is performing for me. Every month I update my results, so you could follow each platform’s performance over time. So far I am satisfied with Mintos platform performance and will continue investing in it.

As for my auto-invest setting:

I mainly invest trough auto-invest as it helps me to save time. After all, what’s the difference if I will invest in the loans that fit my desire manually or automatically?

My auto-invest settings are:

  • Currency only Euro.
  • Investing in all countries except for Ukraine and Russia (I am exposed to those countries with another platform, so I limit my exposure with Mintos).
  • Investing in all loan types except for pawnbroking loans.
  • Only in primary market loans.
  • Invest only in the loan originators that are above C rank.
  • Loan length between 1-24 months.
  • The interest rate is currently between 11.5% and 20.5%. Although so far I did not see a 20.5% interest rate loan 🙂
  • Invest only in loans with a buy-back guarantee.

Before, for about 4 months I used to invest only in EU countries but decided against this. It’s better to be diversified between different economic regions in my opinion. Because if one part of the world has issues, other parts might be fine.

In conclusion for the Mintos.com review:

Mintos is one of the best p2p lending platforms worldwide and the best choice to invest in peer to peer lending for Europeans. It offers a large number of loans with high interest rates and diversification across the world.

Special promotion for my readers:

If you would like to join Mintos and would like to get a 0.5% bonus to your initial investment for the first 90 days I would recommend using this link.

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