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June 2019 income report.

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With the summer heat comes the first income report for this summer. At the same time, the first half of the year is done and the second quarter is over. So let’s look at those sweet portfolio returns for June.

Monthly results:

PlatformSize at the begging of the monthMonthly changeMonthly gainsAverage interest rateFunds added during this month
Finbee755.420.86% 6.52€15%
Mintos1217.131.06% 12.95€12%
Robocash200.671.48% 2.9712%400€
Nordstreet*2000.89% 1.78€ 10.5%
Estateguru1000.92% 0.92€11%
Total at the end of the month**2896.58€1.55%25.1€4400€

*Nordstreet platform does not hold my deposits directly, but uses Paysera platform as a money holder and directly moves money trough that accounts when I invest or gain interests. When calculating monthly change I will give monthly gains percentage rather than whole portfolio size change.

**This is the total amount invested after this month with interest gained and deposits accounted in.

Portfolio distribution for June 2019
Portfolio distribution for June 2019

Finbee.lt results:

Finbee portfolio results for June 2019

Finbee continues to disappoint with me with few loans defaulting. Furthermore, due to some technical maintenance, auto investor for business loans is not investing. They did announce those changes but did not provide any time scale of their current project. Due to late loans, return decreased for the first time since I started to invest. Of course, even with loans defaulting, I manage to make more money each month than defaulting loans are worth, but it does make my returns significantly smaller. As of right now I stopped reinvesting in Finbee and will check how their loan recovery works. It might be worth more to invest in other platforms that offer buyback guarantee.

Mintos.com results:

Everything is fine in Mintos front. I do like this platform. Sure it has a bit bigger late loan rate than Finbee, but given that every loan has buyback guarantee, I feel better about it. June is the last month I get a signing up bonus, so my returns should decrease next month.

Recently Mintos changed their rules of their referral program. I am not allowed to share my referral link on my website, but if you are interested in investing into Mintos.com, message me and I will be glad to share it 🙂 And if you have any more questions about Mintos or P2P lending, feel free to ask.

Robocash results:

Robocash results for June 2019

This platform is interesting. On one end, it does give all right results and has buyback guarantee for all loans. But on the other end, at any point, it has an extremely huge part of late loans. Sometimes it manages to have ~50% of the portfolio as late loans. This does make me question this platform and I will monitor its performance.

Estateguru and Nordstreet results:

Nordstreet results for June 2019. There is some sort of an issue with Nordstreet dashboard, as it does not account for one payment. As you can see, numbers in top right and the table differ. I did message Nordstreet support about this issue.

Both real estate platforms perform over all the same. I am still not planning to invest more into them though. But given that nothing changes each month, I am running out of what to say about each of them. Nordstreet started expanding a bit and managed to offer a few loans that are based in the US, this does sound interesting, given that it would allow investors to diversify in a completely different market. After all, both Nordstreet and Estateguru offer loans mainly in Baltic states. So if the market would have a downturn in the Baltic states, part of your portfolio would be safe.

If you want to invest in Estateguru.com I would suggest using my affiliate link, just click here. If you register through my referral link, we both get 0.5% from your investment.

As for the future…

So for the past 3 months, I tried to have a major sprint to increase my portfolio, by investing at least 500 each month. And I succeed! During the past 3 months, I managed to invest in total 1600€ + reinvesting my profits. But for the near future, there is a lot of talk about the stock market crash (as always). Sure, nobody knows what might happen, but I would like to be prepared. So the first objective is to have a base amount to invest in the stock market. And for the start, I feel like at least 3000€ should be enough. Because of that, I will reduce my investment rate into P2P platforms. Though fair warning, I am still looking for potential stockbrokers that would not eat all of my returns with fees. The best choice would be Degiro, but it is not available in Lithuania and currently have no plans to expand into new markets. I will have to calculate fees on each platform, before being able to choose a proper one.

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2 thoughts on “June 2019 income report.
  1. HonestFIRE

    Thanks for sharing the results.

    Currently you have 9 euro defaulted loans on FinBee, I think it would be too early to make a decision to stop reinvesting as the return is biggest compared to the other platforms.

    I think you can use Evoestate to invest to NordStreet projects and they offer 6 other platforms there as well. Have you ever heard of it?

    • Eimantas

      Yes, 9 Euro is not a lot, compared to current returns, but for the last 2-3 months, each month 1-2 loans default. So far it is sustainable, but I am really concerned about the future. If the trend continues, the growth rate will be slow.

      I have heard about Evoestate, but not looked into it more. But thanks for suggestion 🙂

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