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July 2019 income report

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Even though Jully was hot in most of Europe, it was actually quite cold in Lithuania. Something a bit more relaxing after the hot June. And as for my portfolio, it did beat my expectations by quite a bit. I did expect something around 25-27€ in income, yet managed to reach a record of 31€. So let’s proceed with my portfolio review for July 2019.

Monthly portfolio results:

PlatformSize at the begging of the month Monthly change Monthly gains Average interest rate Funds added during this month
Finbee.lt761.94€1.17%8.99€ 15%
Mintos1230.08€1.05%12.99€ 12.56%
Robocash603.64€1.18%7.17€ 12%300€
Nordstreet*200€0.89%1.74€ 10.5%
Estateguru100€0.92%0.92€ 11%
Total at the end of the month** 3226.65€1.10%31.81€ 300€

*Nordstreet platform does not hold my deposits directly, but uses Paysera platform as a money holder and directly moves money trough that accounts when I invest or gain interests. When calculating monthly change I will give monthly gains percentage rather than whole portfolio size change.

**This is the total amount invested after this month with interest gained and deposits accounted in.

Portfolio distribution for July 2019

Finbee.lt results:

Finbee.lt dashboard July 2019

Finbee results finally normalized after a few months of underperformance. There is still a chance that finbee will underperform every other month, but if it does not go out of hand I will be fine. For the moment I will monitor their progress with defaulted loan recovery. I had one loan in the past that was late for more than 60 days, but after some time, the borrower got back on track.

Another annoying thing about Finbee at the moment is that auto lend does not work for business loans. They did say they were upgrading this feature, but it is now over a month and no launch date. But on the other hand, no auto lend means most loans have to be manually funded. This means that they do not get automatically funded, so it allows me to review loans manually, which I believe gives me way better results. Before I was forced to use auto lend, simply because, after work, most of the loans for that day already got funded.

Interested in Finbee? I did a review a few months ago. Click here to read it.

If you would like to register to Finbee, I would ask you to use my affiliate link. This helps to support this blog.

Mintos.com results:

Mintos dashboard July 2019

I did expect lower returns from Mintos. After all, I did not invest additional sums, and last month I got my last bonus. But Mintos managed to perform as they should for their current interest rates. I am extremely satisfied with their stable performance and I am planning to slightly increase my Mintos position.

If you would like to join Mintos and would like to get a 1% bonus to your initial investment, you can do this by using this link.

Still having doubts about Mintos? Check my review!

Robocash results:

Robocash dashboard July 2019

Last month I said that it’s a bit weird that half of my portfolio is late at any given time, well it seems that this issue somewhat over. There is still a quite big proportion of a portfolio that is late, but returns seem to perform as expected. I will increase Robocash portfolio size for the next month but then will leave it stable till next year. I do this with every platform, just to have normalized results, that are not influenced by new money additions.

Want to invest in Robocash? Register by clicking here.

Estateguru and Nordstreet results:

As always, Estateguru and Nordstreet are stable income generators. On average their loans are late for 1 to 3 day, but that’s still in my comfort zone. Not planning on increasing my position on either platform for the rest of the year. Both platforms are good, they just need a larger initial sum to feel any compounding effect. For example. Estateguru would need 500€ with their average interest rate, just to be able to get one more loan after one year. 5000€ just to do it each month. Meanwhile, with platforms like Mintos, I need only a 1000€ to fund new loan each month. If at some point I will save a bigger sum, I will put it in one of the real estate crowdfunding platforms, but I do not expect to do it this year.

Speaking of Estate guru… Did you know that they just launched in Lithuania and are now giving 0.5% cashback for all investments in Lithuanian loans that are made during August? Join Estateguru by clicking here!

Plans for August:

Just a few days ago I published my plans for the next two years for my portfolio. And after doing that, I started going over the number on how I could achieve my plans. Well… I made a plan! If the current income trend holds up, I just need to maximise my investment in August and then it can naturally grow to the goal target. Meanwhile, I can do whatever I want with my savings until the end of the year. Of course, holding them in my bank account won’t do much. What if I could invest that sum somewhere where I could reach it whenever I need it? Introducing Mintos Invest & Access! First of all, this will allow me to test their new product. Secondly, in theory, I should be able to have easily accessible money that grows while I don’t need it. Seems like a perfect solution.

Anyways, that’s all for my portfolio review. Have any suggestions? Let me hear them below!

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