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My investment portfolio review for 2018

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Peer to peer all the way

Yep, I went all into p2p lending with my investment portfolio. Well… I mean all my 550 euros that I have invested. I originally started with only 150 euros to test the waters, and only really started putting money in at the end of the year.

The platform of choice was FinBee – Lithuanian p2p lending platform. There are more local platforms, but this one seemed easiest to get into and at that time was the only one to offer business loans.

FinBee - Lithuanian p2p lending platform.

It’s a bit hard to calculate my returns, cause I made multiple fund additions to the platform so any ROI calculations will be skewed towards the lower end as my additions were big compared to my portfolio size. So let’s agree on methodology, I shall always calculate my returns before adding any other funds to the portfolio and I will try to share my progress at least quarterly. Maybe even monthly if I have time. But for 2018, let’s look just at the results at the end of the year.

Let’s talk money, during 2018 in total I made 3 money transfers that amount to 350 euros (and I also made one in January of 2019 (200 euros) but this one will be covered in my next portfolio review)

DateAmount added
2018-02-27150 euros
2018-07-11100 euros
2018-11-19100 euros

At the end of the year, my investment portfolio grew to 374.15 euros, that translates to total growth of 6.9%, but again this is skewed by the fact that I made most of my investments at the end of the year.

2018 growth in FinBee p2p lending platform.
2018 growth in FinBee p2p lending platform.

Overall this is how my investment portfolio looked every month. In general, this graph does not tell you a lot, but I like to check what’s the overall projection and estimate how much money I will reinvest next month. But for a more detailed view its better to use data table the platform provides.

Expected and received installments. Data table.
Expected and received installments. Data table.

At the end of the year I had 55 loans, most of them being the minimal amount of 5 euros, but some of them going for a bit more (so far my biggest loan and my first loan was 40 euros, and that’s a stupid risk, always invest the minimal possible amount if you can), and out of 55 loans only one was bad, and that lowered my total portfolio by 2.19 euros. I still count this money as a part of my portfolio, simply because this loan was insured and guaranteed by the CEO of the company that borrowed it, so there’s a big chance I will still get my money back.

My plans for 2019

Overall I think this was a pretty good year, for my investment portfolio, and because of that, I started 2019 with an extra 200 euros invested. For 2019 my plan is to enlarge my portfolio at least every other month by a couple hundred euros. Also, I will diversify my portfolio between different p2p platforms, just for extra security. But I doubt if I will have any significant investments in different types of assets other than loans.

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