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It’s been over a year since I first invested in the Finbee p2p lending platform so here is my honest and open review of it. As time goes along I will continue to update this article with more insights from me. And as always I would like to welcome everyone to leave their own personal feedback or questions about this platform in the comment section.

Main facts about the company and the platform:


Finbee platform is technically made out of 3 companies, one working with business clients, one with regular people and one as an entity in the Czech Republic. So I will provide information about both of them.

  • CEO: Laimonas Noreika. Link to LinkedIn profile.
  • Official company name: UAB Finansų bitė and UAB Finansų bitė verslui (Lithuanian companies have some restrictions when choosing their name, this is why official name is different from the platform name, but in this case, it literally means “Finance bee”). In the Czech Republic, legal entity name is FinBee CZ Lending s.r.o.
  • Company founded in 2015.
  • Link to Lithuanian company ledger for
    Finansų bitė and for Finansų bitė verslui
    (if anyone knows any respectable Czech company ledger please leave a link in the comments)
  • Company size: 21 employees total in both companies + at least one person in the Czech Republic.
  • Headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania.


  • Loans funded: 20 million euros. (last updated 2019-04)
  • Auto invest feature: yes.
  • Secondary market: yes.
  • Smallest possible amount to loan: 5€
  • Buyback guarantee: No, but some business loans are guaranteed by a person.
  • Types of loans: personal and business loans. leadership:

Laimonas Noreika, the CEO of Finbee, has a bachelor’s degree in business administration, from the International School of Management in Vilnius. Before founding Finbee, he was a board member in Lithuanian company called “Viena sąskaita”. In 2018 he also founded another company called “Desico”, a platform that issues and trades security tokens. His own platform managed to raise 1 million USD trough security tokens.

Their business plan:

Given that I have no affiliation with this platform other than I am investing in it, I am describing their business plan as I see it.

Finbee platform started in Lithuania and focused only on the Lithuanian market. Latter on Finbee tried expanding to other markets by opening an office in the Czech Republic. At first, they funded loans on their main platform from both markets. But now it seems that they separated both countries into two different platforms under the same name but different websites, and Personally, I think that going into the Czech market was not the best choice, given that it introduced two different currencies in one platform. Users from Lithuania seemed reluctant to invest in Czech loans as it introduced currency conversion costs.

But if Finbee tries to enter a new market, I hope that it will be a Eurozone market. This way, their main platform could see more borrowers and more investors. Or if they try to go for more non-Euro countries, they should figure out a way to minimise currency conversion costs, or simply loan in one currency.

Finbee loan types:

Finbee claims that they meet each borrower before signing a contract, but I am not sure if this is true. As they claim that it also seems like they work as loan aggregator with other lending companies. In future, I will try to clarify this.

Business loans:

Business loans come in three forms: with CEO guarantee to repay that loan or without it or with a pledge of collateral. From what I noticed, there are way more business loans than personal loans.

Personal loans:

Personal loans usually have longer terms than business loans, but personally, they seem to have better repayment rate, compared to business loans.

Things I like about the Finbee platform:

Minimal investment amount only 5€

This is the lowest amount that I have seen so far and that’s great! Platforms like Nordstreet force me to invest 100€ into one loan. While Finbee allows me to invest into 20 different loans with the same amount. And in peer to peer lending, diversification is always the way to go.

High interest rates:

So far it seems that I am getting better interest rates from this platform than other platforms. The average rate of 15% is huge. It’s significantly better than the Mintos 11% interest rate. But let’s not forget that I am taking a bigger risk with Finbee when compared to Mintos. And all of the interest rates should be measured after defaults. But so far I have 0 loans that defaulted in Finbee platform.

Seems like their borrowers like them:

I noticed that business borrowers are returning to the platform after their loans have ended or even to take out another loan. To me, this shows that customers see the benefit of such service and are satisfied with it. And if borrower retention is high, then borrower numbers should only grow.

Home country

This one is simple, after all, when I am in the same city that the CEO lives, it’s not hard to actually meet him and ask some question in real life. And when all loans are located in the same country as I am, I have a better understanding of the market. I know if the economy is doing badly at the moment or if it’s doing great. I can have a better judgement of the current risk. Of course, this won’t apply to most of my readers 🙂

Things that could be better:

Not enough settings in auto invest.

If I choose to invest into every loan manually I could see more information about the borrower. And Finbee provides a lot of information. For example, if it’s a business loan, I can check the borrower’s balance sheet for the last two years. I can see if the company is profitable or not, but I can’t choose auto lend setting that would do that. If data is already in their hands, there is no reason not to allow the autolend function to use it. Some of the loans that autolend invests do follow my set criteria, but only because I can’t specify anything more. And don’t get me wrong, their current autolend settings are good, I am just saying that they could be better.

Finbee borrowers information
Information that finbee provides about the borrower (personal loan)

Not enough loans that fit my criteria

This one is simple, while investing the minimal amount, it’s hard to lend out my money if I deposit anything more than a 100€ in one month. Not every month is like that, but this slows my potencial investment rate into this platform.

No buyback guarantee

There is no buy back guarantee, so investors do take a bigger risk with this platform when compared to platforms that do offer this feature. But given their business model this should not come as a surprise to anyone. Also worth mentioning is that business loans can come with CEO guarantee or pledge of collateral

Affiliate program status:

At the moment finbee platform does not have an affiliate program to attract new users. So far I haven’t heard about any plans to create one.

In conclusion for my Finbee review:

This is my finbee review after one year using it as an investor. Overall I am quite happy with the platform and will continue to hold part of my portfolio in it. But given that currently, I have issues finding enough loans, I will diversify more to other platforms.

If you want to see my results with Finbee platform I would recommend checking my investment portfolio updates.

As a reminder I would like to note that this Finbee review will be constantly updated as time passes.

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2 thoughts on “Finbee p2p platform review
  1. HonestFIRE

    1. “but personally, they seem to have better repayment rate, compared to business loans.” – business has 1.8% default rate while personal loans is around 5%.

    2. What criteria do you use to lend money on FinBee? I manage to lend 1.5k euro each month without a problem. 🙂

    3. They do have affiliate program, it’s on targetcircle. When you register, you can find it over there. I think they offer 10 Eur + % for each new user that deposits money to the platform.

    • Eimantas

      On all platforms, I have strict criteria for auto lend loans. Speciffecly for business loans on Finbee I set 0-24 month period with interest rates between 6-18%. All business loans are guaranteed by CEO or have collateral.

      And even if business loans have higher repayment rate officially, this does not seem to be the case for my loans 🙂

      And for the affilaiate link, yeah I just recently found it, given that they don’t advertise it

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