Current account balance:

As of 2019 February 28th, my investment portfolio equals 883.62 euros. And is distributed over 3 peer to peer platforms.

PlatformSize at the begging of the monthMonthly changeAverage interest rate
Funds added during this month
Finbee.lt578.39 €0.87%15%0 €
Mintos.com0 €

200 €
Nordstreet0 € 0%10%100 €

Over February I invested 300 euros to two new platforms that I never tried before. One is – Latvian based p2p lending platform where you can finance other company loans. The other one is Lithuanian based real estate project crowdfunding platform. Once I get to experience both platforms I will give my honest reviews for both of them.

I find it funny that I managed to grow my portfolio by 0.03 euro cents. After all, I invested in it roughly mid-February and definitely did not expect any returns for at least a month. I guess that’s not how Mintos works 🙂

So far for the month of March, I plan to invest at least 200 euros split between Finbee and Mintos. Investing in real estate is interesting, but requires 100 euros as a minimal investment in one node. This puts too much risk in my portfolio. After all, if this investment goes bad, this could make my gains minimal for the whole year.

Portfolio distribution over different platforms.

So far the majority of my portfolio is concentrated in platform. This is the first platform I tried and trough out 2018 I only tried investing in it as there was no need to diversify such small amount.

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