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August 2019 portfolio returns.

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Sadly the summer has to end at some point. But with the end of the month, we can check how my peer to peer lending portfolio held off. Overall this was a pretty eventful month for my portfolio with my largest single month investment so far. So let’s go straight to the overview.

PlatformSize at the begging of the month Monthly change Monthly gains Average interest rate Funds added during this month
Nordstreet*200€1.77€ 0.89%10.5%
Total at the end of the month** 4382.7€35.29€1.11%1120€

*Nordstreet platform does not hold my deposits directly, but uses Paysera platform as a money holder and directly moves money trough that accounts when I invest or gain interests. When calculating monthly change I will give monthly gains percentage rather than whole portfolio size change.

**This is the total amount invested after this month with interest gained and deposits accounted in.

Portfolio distribution between peer to peer platforms at the end of August.

Finbee results:

Finbee continues to disappoint me by giving slightly smaller returns than other platforms. I am still getting decent returns when compared to other types of investments, but it is not performing well in its own sector. Even when you account for bigger average interest rate on this platform. For the time being, I will continue to invest in it but will do only manual investing.

In the past, I did mention my thoughts on leaving this platform, but this month I decided to stay till March of 2020. And only then decide if I should gradually get away from this platform. Why March? Because this will mark my two years of investing in this platform. And I also want to see how Finbee defaulted loan recovery process works.

Interested in Finbee? I did a review a few months ago. Click here to read it.

If you would like to register to Finbee, I would ask you to use my affiliate link. This helps to support this blog.

Mintos results:

Mintos results were a bit skewed this month because at the beginning of the month I deposited a large sum of money and manually invested in short term loans. Normally I calculate my rate of return by counting gains from the start of the month because loans are repaid one a month and new money additions won’t be able to impact current month gains. But with short term loans, it meant that part of my deposit already provided some returns through this month. This is not a big deal for me, but just be aware of it when comparing platforms based on this portfolio summary.

Also, I would like to point out that I personally invested only 700€ and 20€ came from refer a friend bonus. I decided to separate this sum from my returns, not to skew data even more.

If you would like to join Mintos you can do this by using this link.

Still having doubts about Mintos? Check my review!

Robocash results:

As mentioned in my last portfolio review, I also decided to expand my portfolio on Robocash platform as it provided decent returns and allows to reinvest returns really fast with a minimal amount for one loan. I can invest in loans from 1€. This means that the cash drag on this platform is really short when compared to Mintos or Finbee. And all my money kept in the platform are generating returns.

I will probably write a review for this platform during September so stay tuned!

Want to invest in Robocash? Register by clicking here.

Real estate peer to peer lending platforms:

Last month I said that I will stop separating both platforms and just review them in general as nothing really happens in them, but during August a lot has happened.


First of all, some of my readers probably noticed that Estateguru returns were a bit smaller than usual. This is because one of my loans were repaid a bit earlier than usual. So during August, I tried to reinvest my money into new loans. And because Estateguru officially launched in Lithuania, they offered a cashback bonus for all Lithuanian loans. Sadly I did not manage to invest in one of those. I tried to invest in one, but after funding, it got cancelled. Right now I am trying to fund another loan, so we shall see how it will end up. I do predict that it won’t generate any interest next month, so again, my returns will be smaller than they are supposed to be.

Join Estateguru by clicking here!


In terms of loans, nothing much happened, but I would like to take a moment and just note that Nordstreet finally updated their website design! Now if you are not an investor in this platform, you might be wondering why does this matter, but their old UI was so bad that I even considered if my workplace (web solutions agency) should offer them to help them to fix at least basic mistakes. From a financial standpoint, this might not be a big issue, but it helps when your platform looks decent and doesn’t have visual bugs.

As for the future:

I am not sure what are my plans for September. On my last portfolio review and goal summary for 2019 and 2020, that I do want to start investing in stocks. And for that, I want to gather at least 3000€ as my initial entry portfolio. At best this entry would be done by the end of this year or the start of the next one. For the time being, I still want to invest in peer to peer lending and said that I would like to try out Mintos Invest & Access product.

But my portfolio is already almost half invested in Mintos and I do not want to be dependant on one platform to much. So I am not sure what I will do this month. Maybe I will go for Minots, maybe I will just save, or maybe I will invest in a new platform. Stay tuned and find out!

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2 thoughts on “August 2019 portfolio returns.
  1. Financial Nordic

    Thank you! Solid month once again.
    I think you already have a good diversification when it comes to P2P-lending. Mintos alone diversifies loans very well.

    Stocks/Real Estate/Bonds/Precious Metals/Crypto would be the next things that I would look into next if I would diversify your portfolio. Just my two cents 🙂

    FN @ https://financialnordic.com/

    • Eimantas

      Don’t believe in holding precious metals (thanks to Buffet), I still need to learn about crypto, but so far it seems too risky.

      I am planning to dive into stocks and real estate. Most likely into both with REIT’s, but for that, I am waiting for a new broker to launch in Lithuania, that in theory should be as good as Degiro or even Robinhood. This will allow me to build up my early portfolio with minimal fees.

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