I am Eimantas, from Vilnius, Lithuania. I am a 24-year-old Vilnius university graduate that wants to dive deeper into the world of investing. Follow my journey of growing my capital and feel free to contact me whenever you feel like asking questions, suggesting topics or investment opportunities! If you want to contact me, use the form below to message me directly.

As of right now I am focusing on peer to peer lending as my main portfolio grower, but in the future I will also try to enter the stock market. 

Although one important key thing to note is that I am not a financial advisor and any suggestions or opinions expressed in this blog are only my own views on investing. Always invest responsibly and make your own judgements.

Financial goals:

Reaching financial independence will be a long journey that will take multiple years. I estimate that I will need a couple of steps to reach my targets.

Step one – 500€/month. This will allow me to cover the basic monthly expenses. Living a frugal life, will not be sustainable long term and because of that, this is just the first objective.

Step two – 1000/month. Achieving 1000€ a month would allow me to live a comfortable life.

Step three – 3000€/month. This would probably be enough to live out the rest of my life without worrying about my income.

Step four – 10k€/month. What? I can have dreams too 🙂

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