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Hello Internet and welcome to my blog! Yeah, yeah, I made yet another blog and there are already a s**t tone of other blogs. So what’s the point of mine? Why even try? Well… Cause I am bored and I find blogging to be interesting. 

So who am I?

My name is Eimantas, yeah I know, it’s a weird one, but apparently, it’s quite popular where I am from. And I come from Vilnius, Lithuania. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Management (with a focus on management information systems), work full time as a system analyst mostly with web-based projects. But this blog won’t be all about me. It will be about my financials and my path to financial independence.

Why financials? 

Well, because I want to be independent, and for that, I need to invest, but invest in where? Sure, I had economic lectures in university and a fair deal about business, financials and especially business management, but I never learned where to invest my money.

Sure I could read up on it online and that’s what I am doing. The issue is that most sources in English are dedicated towards the US market, not the European one. So my main goal is to look for different investment opportunities in Europe, to grow my net worth. And while doing that, share everything I find with others.

Speaking of my net worth..

Have I already mention that it’s low? I finished my studies only in summer and I just have 5k in my bank account with only 570 euros invested (more on that next time).  Yeah, I am young and almost broke. But as time goes on I hope the situation will change.

So stay tuned for my financial adventures and let’s hope I won’t go downhill from here 🙂 

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