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With the end of spring comes another monthly investment report. Given that I am trying to invest every month and currently doing a 3-month sprint were I try to invest at least 500€ a month. My current returns started to grow by a lot each month, and this month saw the highest returns so far. So let’s dig deeper into each investment platform.

Monthly results:

Platform Size at the begging of the month Monthly changeMonthly gainsAverage interest rateFunds added during this month
Robocash0€0.67€ 12%200€
Nordstreet*200€0.86%1.72€ 10.5%0€
Estateguru100.5€0.92%0.92€ 11%0€
Total at the end of the month**2476.55€0.86%21.14€700€

*Nordstreet platform does not hold my deposits directly, but uses Paysera platform as a money holder and directly moves money trough that accounts when I invest or gain interests. When calculating monthly change I will give monthly gains percentage rather than whole portfolio size change.

**This is the total amount invested after this month with interest gained and deposits accounted in.

Portfolio distribution between different platforms

Finbee results:

Finbee.lt results for the month of may 2019
Finbee.lt results for the month of may 2019

During May 2 loans went into default, but overall my interest gains seem to be similar to April. I do expect that during next month 2 more loans will default. Although I would rather not have loans defaulting, so far my monthly gains seem to be higher than the amount I expect to default in one month. Currently, I have no plans to invest in this platform, given the cash drag I had just few months ago. Maybe at some point, I will even out my invested amount to 1000€, but not in the few nearest months.

If you would like to read more about Finbee platform, check my review.

Mintos.com results:

Mintos surprised me the most during this month, giving me returns slightly higher than I expected. And that’s even when I account for a signing-up bonus that I got (~1.40€). I will probably hold out from investing more money for now, given that my signing up bonus should end. It would be more efficient to invest in other platforms that would give me bonuses, but in the long term, I still plan to invest more into the Mintos.com platform.

You can also get a signing-up bonus if you register affiliate link, just click here.

I am also planning to do a Mintos.com review this month so stay tuned!

Robocash returns:

Not much can be said about robocash platform for the month of May, given that I just opened my account. I knew that it was short term loan platform so it’s not surprising that I already made some money out it. I do plan to invest a bit more into it, just to capitalise from the signing bonus. After all, it is the most efficient way, given that the returns should be similar on all platforms.

Nordstreet returns:

Nordstreet.com returns for May 2019
Nordstreet.com returns for May 2019

Nothing special here compared to last month, I did not invest last month and I am not planning to invest in the near future. The main problem with real estate peer to peer platforms is that they usually have higher investment minimums into one loan, so you experience cash drag unless you invest larger amounts. For example, Nordstreet requires 100€ minimum into one loan, so to be able to reinvest your interest into it every month, you would need at least 12000€ given their average return rates.

Estateguru returns:

Estateguru paid out first interest from developments that I invested into during April. As for the near future, I am not planning to invest in Estateguru for the same reason as Nordstreet. But at some point, I would like to diversify my p2p portfolio a bit more, because now the majority is made up of business and personal loans. Investing in real estate loans would help me diversify a bit.

If you would like to invest in Estateguru, I would recommend using my affiliate link. Just click here.

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